Business Model

Venture Capital Fund

As a Venture Capital, DAYLI Partners invests in prospective private bio-ventures home and abroad. Investment
decisions are made based on the founder’s competence, management team, technology, and valuation.
Investments are made across all stages of a bio-venture’s life, ranging from Series A to pre-IPO. Moreover,
DAYLI Partners invests in all sectors within the bio-healthcare industry, including therapeutics, life sciences, medical devices, and diagnostics.

Quick Investment Decisions & Deal Sourcing with deep industry network
  • 제약 바이오사업 제약 바이오사업
    The Bio-Pharma Network

    Deal sourcing of promising and competent startups with the perspective of capital markets

    Valuation-Based Entry & Exit Judgments

  • 스타트업 및 초기 바이오 벤처 스타트업 및 초기 바이오 벤처
    Startup and
    Bio Venture Network
    Venture Capitalist

    Pre-emptive investments in competent
    startups through early deal sourcing

    Value adding activities that maximize
    the investee company’s value

  • 자본시장 자본시장
    The Capital
    Market Network
    Fund Manager

    Top-down and bottom-up deal sourcing based on the understanding
    of macro and micro environments

    Portfolio Management Experience

Deal Sourcing and Investment
  • Investment in competent startups that fit the global trend
  • through collaborations with the Research and Development Special Zone, hospitals, universities, and laboratories.
Higher Estimated Rate of Return

Selection of competent companies that fit the global trend
Investments in First in Class and Best in Class R&D Companies
Investments in companies under-valued compared to peer groups
Follow On Investments

혁신기업 발굴 및 투자
Portfolio Investment Based on Series and Sector
  • Portfolio management through investment in all fields of the bio-healthcare industry, reducing the risks that follow therapeutic development
  • Portfolio management through investing in companies of different series, not only reducing the risk of investing only in seed stage startups but also shortening the average exit period.
  • Investment in Listed Companies: Increased Stability
업종 및 시리즈별 분산투자 업종 및 시리즈별 분산투자 업종 및 시리즈별 분산투자 업종 및 시리즈별 분산투자 Higher stability for rate of return